A creative An inclusive A youth-led A cost-effective A community production company

Who are we?

We are an energetic, disciplined, hard working and reliable production team and have over thirty dedicated members aged 18 – 28 who all share a common passion for event production.

Industry professionals mentor our members who learn their skills in real life production environments, working on real projects and delivering real, high quality outputs.

Our values embody professionalism, community, inclusivity, opportunity, youth voice, learning, a sense of belonging to a team and getting the job done.

What do we do?

LYT is able to provide bespoke event crew teams with a myriad of production skills to a wide range of clients – from small to large , community to corporate, from running a stage to crewing a festival – all done professionally and with a smile. 

For our team members, LYT creates real-life, safe learning environments where they are mentored and gain practical skills.

From time to time, we also produce our own events in conjunction with a range of partners, from immersive heritage events to festivals and live music. 

The Tide Mills Project

In 2020-2021, we created the ground-breaking community art and heritage ‘Tide Milles Project’! Explore the rich history of the lost village of Tide Mills and discover the project’s legacy…

Our Event Offer

Fancy working with us? We’d love to hear more about your project or event and offer a quote for our services. 

Every event is unique and we pride ourselves on offering great value and attention to detail. Additionally, when we can’t offer something in-house, we almost certainly know the people that can – so leave the stress and hassle of your event planning to us.

To discuss your event in more detail, please email .