Past Projects

Battle of Lewes

Battle of Lewes
Between 2012 and 2014, we worked with Sussex Past to produce two large public events commemorating the Battle Of Lewes

The first of the events took place in 2012 and we transformed the grounds of Lewes Castle into a bustling medieval civilisation, incorporating live performance and historical reenactment. We also worked with SP Projects to produce a large projection mapped installation onto the Castle, enabling us to retell the story of the battle including the illusion of burning down the castle – check out the video below!

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In 2014, we hosted a large youth orientated festival, including interactive workshops, reenactment, political debate, music, performance and more. We provided a wide array of production skills to this event and worked with historical experts to build a number of medieval houses and huts, too.

We had the privilege of working with John Agard who wrote an original play to be performed as part of the festival, and we hosted a political hustings with speakers including Norman Barker (MP), Human Rights Activist Peter Tatchell, Polly Toynbee (BBC Radio 4) and Lloyd Russell-Moyle (MP).

Project client: Co-created with Sussex Past and others
Project date: 2012 - 2014
Our skills:
  • Event Management
  • Festival Crew
  • Get-in/Get-out
  • Logistics
  • Costume
  • Props
  • Stewarding
  • Design
  • Promotion
  • Décor
  • Front of House
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Performance Art

Battle of Lewes 2012 – Prepare for Battle

Battle Of Lewes 2014 – 750th Anniversary